7 Tips for Buying Running Trainers

Choosing the right running shoes can be a difficult and overwhelming decision due to the many options available. It is also an important decision that impacts your performance and can cause or prevent injury. Here are seven tips and factors to consider when selecting cheap running trainers at runningshoes4u.co.uk to make your experience easier and successful:

  1. Weight, Shape of Feet, and Surfaces You Run On
    A tall, thin person has different needs than a short, stockier person. Someone with high arches require different shoes than someone with flat feet. Different shoes are made for running on asphalt than on dirt trails. Each individual’s running style, or runner’s profile, needs to be assessed by an experienced salesperson, or by the runner themselves, to help determine which running shoes are right for you.
  2. The “Wet Test”
    Sometimes when being fitted for running trainers you will be asked to do the wet test in which they moisten the bottom of your foot and stamp your footprint onto a surface, such as paper. This test will determine whether your foot shape is normal, flat, or high-arched. This test reveals extremely valuable information in choosing the right shoes.
  3. Cushion and Balance
    Once you determine the shape of your feet, you can determine what levels of cushion you need and how much assistance with balance your shoes need to provide. Typically a normal foot most benefits from shoes offering stability, a flat foot responds best to firm mid-soles, and a high-arched foot needs cushion. However, these are just general recommendations and you should always consider what feels comfortable to you.
  4. Past Injuries
    It’s important to recall past injuries that your former running trainers may have caused, like blisters or tendinitis, and avoid shoes that irritate those same areas or cause the same pain.
  5. Brand and Size
    Different brands have a different scale upon which they base sizes. A size 7 in one may fit like a size 9 in another. Always try the shoe on!
  6. Price
    While money should be no object when choosing the right running trainers, it may be cheaper to shop in-store, determine exactly what brand, style and size you desire, then order it online.
  7. Ignore Fashion
    Don’t choose your shoes based on looks! This can be a painful mistake.

All of these tips are important things to keep in mind when selecting the right running trainers for you. When all are considered, they can help you choose the right shoe to deliver the optimum performance and comfort. It’s also recommended to date your shoes at purchase and replace them after 6 months or 500 miles.

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