How to Choose Outdoor Furniture

Although the UK is not blessed with the best weather, furniture such as Clever Clicker’s range of rattan outdoor furniture is still a great way of making the most of your garden, and it can range from a simple chair to an entire kitchen. If you are looking for furniture specifically to be used outside, there are some things to keep in mind.

Quality is important, as your outdoor furniture will be constantly exposed to the elements and you want to choose furniture that is well built, sturdy and weather resistant. Iron and steel furniture needs to be painted to prevent rusting, while wood will naturally weather over time. Although plastic furniture is less expensive, it is not as durable and can blow over easily in high winds. When shopping for furniture that is already set up, look for smooth finishes, closely fitting joints and uniformly painted surfaces.

There are so many different styles and looks, that choosing the right one is a matter of taste. Your outdoor space can be an extension of your sitting room, with outdoor furniture to match or you can choose a table and chair set that becomes a focal point for the back or front garden. You may want the colours of the furniture to match the colours of any plants you have, if you are the sort of person who likes everything coordinated. The size of the furniture is a consideration too; although there are no firm rules, furniture that is too large for a small space just won’t look right.

Of course, your outdoor furniture should be comfortable too. Always test furniture in the shop, just as you would with any other chairs or sofa, especially if you are particularly tall or large. Make sure there are no sharp edges, or protruding screws or nails. Also consider how many people might sit at the table; if your neighbours regularly come over to eat with you, choose a table large enough to accommodate everyone as well as food and drinks. If your kids are going to be eating at the table every day, you may want something that is easy to clean and practical rather than elegant.

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